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Frequently Asked Question about Colored Boston Terriers


What is a Colored Boston Terrier?

A colored Boston Terrier is exactly the same genetically as a traditional boston terrier, except they come in a variety of colors such as Fawn, Blue, Red, Cream, Lilac, etc. 

Can Colored Boston Terriers be AKC/UKC registered?

YES, and they can be registered as their proper color!  Both parents must be AKC/UKC registered.  For properly registering your colored boston terrier, please contact us.  

 But, if they can be AKC registered, how come they can't be Conformation shown AKC? 

 The Boston Terrier Club of America has set the standard for the Boston Terrier.  This standard only allows brindles/black/seal with appropriate white to be shown in Conformation.  AKC adopts the breed club's standard, which excludes most of the colored dogs in that Venue, but they can be shown in any other AKC Venue like Agility, Rally and Obedience. They can be shown with the International Canine Kennel Club, the Champion Canine Club and the United Canine Association "UCA" Conformation Ring as "Colored Boston Terriers" with Colored Bostons being shown alongside traditional colors in the Champion Canine Club. 

I have a Colored Boston Terrier registered as a "Seal", what does that mean?

Seal is defined as a black dog with a red overcast when in the sun.  Alot of colored boston terriers are mislabeled as "Seal", it's important to get the information out there to properly color register dogs. 

 Are Colored Boston Terriers unhealthier than traditional boston terriers?

No, all boston terriers and ALL boston terrier lines, including traditional show lines, have problems. Blue and Lilac Bostons which are dilutes, can have a condition called Blue Dog Syndrome or Alopecia. Alopecia is the thinning of the hair, which can be from slight to balding with skin issues. Trying not to breed dilute to dilute and especially not breeding dilute to dilute for generations can help with this issue.  Please see our Links page for information on Boston Terrier diseases and genetic disorders and the tests used to detect them (including, but not limited to, Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts, Luxating Patellas, BAER hearing tests, CERF eye tests) .  Please find a breeder that knows about ALL these health tests and can provide PROOF of results of tests.

Are Colored Boston Terriers Rare?

No, they show up all the time, even in traditional show line litters.  What IS rare is finding nice ones that breeders are trying to breed to the standard and have been health tested, not bred JUST FOR COLOR, which unfortunately has been the case in a lot of instances.  Please do breeder and breed research. 

What events can my Colored Boston Terrier do?

Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Splash dog, Earth dog, basically any event offered by AKC/UKC.  You can also conformation show with the United Canine Association-, the International Canine Kennel Club, or the Champion Canine Club or the American Bully Kennel Club