All Color Boston Terrier Club

colored boston terriers

Member Activities and Events (can be brags too)


The International Canine Kennel Club hosts shows all over the United States.  They use AKC/UKC judges.  Colored Boston Terriers are shown as a variety of Boston Terriers.  Check them out for a show near you.  You do not have to register your dogs with them just have to be a member of the club to show and pay for shows accordingly.



The Champion Canine Club (C3) was established in 2011 and host conformation/working/performance shows around the US.  They use AKC/UKC/UCA/IOEBA/etc judges at their shows.  Colored Boston Terriers and Traditional Boston Terriers are shown together for conformation.  You have to register each of your dogs with them, but they do provide FREE registrations at shows.

With the United Canine Association (UCA) Colored Boston Terriers are shown as a separate breed and they use UCA/IOEBA judges at shows.  You register dogs individually with the registry.





Fly Ball Training starting again Oct 27 in Palm Springs

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America's Family Expo 2009 and 2010