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colored boston terriers

Colored Boston Terrier Color Examples 


Examples of Colored Boston Terrier Colors and Patterns

Blue Colored Boston Terriers


Red Colored Boston Terriers


Chocolate Colored Boston Terriers


Lilac Colored Boston Terriers


Fawn Colored Boston Terriers

Cream Colored Boston Terriers


Color Factored Traditionals and Patterned Colored Boston Terriers

Note: The following, except for the Red and Blue brindled puppies, CAN be AKC Conformation shown as Boston Terriers.  In the UCA they can be Conformation shown as Colored Boston Terriers.    

blue/red factored black brindle


Fawn Factored Fawn Brindle

Fawn Factored Tiger Brindle








Fawn Factored Mahogany Brindle


Blue Brindle and Red Brindle (can not be AKC Conformation Shown)

Splash Patterned Bostons

Red/Blue Factored ~ Black/White Splash

Red/White ~ Lilac Factored Splashs and Traditionals

Black/white Splash Pattern

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