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 Club Accomplishments

2015 was an EXCITING and COLORFUL year for the ACBTC.  We celebrated our 8 year anniversary!



We are now accepted by 5 Registries for Conformation Showing Colored Boston Terriers!! The International Canine Kennel Club (ICKC) , the Champion Canine Club (C3) , UCA United Canine Club,  The ABKC Club and The IBCA.  See more about them and find a show near you!  Altered Colored Boston Terriers can also show with ICKC in their altered classes.


We had our booth at the America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA for the 7th year.  There was a ton of information given out about the club and Colored Boston Terriers. The Expo is a great venue for us to educate the public on the joys of Colored Boston Terriers as well as Health Testing, how to find a reputable breeder and much more. See all the photos on the link below about the Expo.!/media/set/?set=a.10150689995330949.398904.70814065948&type=3



Through the sale of our 2012 and 2013 BT's of Color calendars we were able to help MANY Rescue organizations and specific dogs in need.  Below is just a few of the doggies/organizations we helped in 2012.

Angel at BARK

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue

 Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama

 Boston Buddies, Southern California Boston Terrier Rescue

East Alabama Humane Society Inc.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Canada

 Hill Country Animal League

Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Mississippi Boston Terrier Rescue

 4 Luv of Dog Rescue

 Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue for Cassie and Cali.

Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas

Guardians of Rescue.

For detailed paypal donations see here:!/media/set/?set=a.10150554887485949.380440.70814065948&type=3


In October 2012, ACBTC/BTOCOF teamed up with Animal Genetics to have a JHC Awareness Month.  Tests were reduced to $40 each and anyone with BT's, Frenchies or Staffordshire Terriers could send off for tests to be sent back to AG through the club.  We were proud to be the first Boston Terrier club whether traditional or colored to offer this amazing deal so more people could have healthier dogs in their breeding programs.  We also are able to offer free tests to a few lucky members every year in Oct for JHC Awareness Month.

More can be read about Awareness Month here:


We are pleased to announce that our 2013 Boston Terriers of Color Calendar is available NOW!  All proceeds from the calendar will go towards rescues and specific dogs in need during the 2013 calendar year.  Last year our 2012 calendar raised over $1400 and we hope our 2013 calendar does just as well.  No person at the ACBTC benefits from the sales of the calendars.  Purchase your calendar (and maybe a couple extra for friends and family) here:

2013 Boston Terriers of Color Calendar