All Color Boston Terrier Club

colored boston terriers

Champions and Titled Colored Boston Terriers


Colored Boston Terriers are very versatile and can compete in almost any venue, from Companion Dogs to Conformation to Splash Dog, Obedience, Flyball, Lure Cursing, Earth Dog and More.  There are also Colored Boston Terriers serving as Therapy and Service Dogs who are Canine Good Citizens! 

This Page is for all your dogs that have gained any titles.  If you have a colored/color factored dog you would like to add to this page email us their picture and info to .


The colored boston terriers shown here-in can be shown with the International Canine Kennel Club (ICKC), the Champion Canine Club (C3) and the United Canine Association (UCA), American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), International Canine Events (ICE) and International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA)  

Here are some of our Club Member's Titled Dogs

First Fawn ICBA Adult Champion

Gabby's Fawn Bostons

ICKC/ICBA International Champion Winston

First Blue ICBA Puppy Champion

Cypress' Love To Watch Her Strut

ICKC INT GrCh/Junior Grand Champion Vogler's Gold and Platinum Kaci


UCA Grand Champion "Ryder"


ICKC International Champion Vogler's Mason Man

ICKC INT/Junior Master Supreme Grand Champion Vogler's Winning with Winston

UCA Grand Champion "Dewey"

UCA Champion "Mini Moo"


UCA Grand Champion "Primo"



UCA CH. King Jasper Fawn White

UCA CH Vogler's Little Red Riley Hood (Riley)

UCA CH Vogler's Bailey Brown

ICKC INT CH Vanilla Bean